Glenndale Days BBQ Bash 2007!

Glenndale, Indiana September 21-23, 2007

This is the group of people watching the skydivers coming down...


In case you were wondering why they were all looking up; though that shouldn't be much of a question at an airport event.  :)



Pretty day, planes, people.


Duane watches the jumpers.


As do I!


The first guy down carried the POW/MIA flag


These guys are amazing-they make it look SO easy when they touch down.


Smooth as silk.


Maggie and Kaylee were impressed too.



The last guy down jumped the American Flag, and they played "God Bless the USA" for him, which never, ever, ever gets old for me.


Kaylee claps for the jumper after he lands.



And here comes the American Flag in for another perfectly smooth landing.  I don't think I've ever seen these guys botch one.


As he is touching down, guys come running, to pick the flag up off the ground ASAP.


The chute hasn't even folded yet, and they are there.


This is a time period of seconds-there is still air in that chute, and the flag is off the ground.  A lot of people really appreciate the respect they show the flag, no matter how many times they've done this.


Kaylee and Maggie look on and enjoy.


This is part of the dinner line.  You can see there are still planes coming in to land, but most folks are lined up for food, way out of the hangar!


This is the end of the line-but it stayed right about there for well over an hour.


And the day closes down, with four C-172s sitting quietly after their hard days' work.


Sunday morning we held church at the airport.  The attendance was pretty high, actually!


Dawn Brier did a lovely job, as always.



Sunday morning, things are slowly starting to wind up at Glenndale again.


Trey (loader), Duane (pilot), and passenger get ready to load up for the first (of MANY) flights of the day.


You can see how you get in the plane-short legs wouldn't be a good thing.  :)


The sunspot looks like a rainbow right over the T-6.


I think I'm getting my photo taken while I'm taking a photo.


T-6 coming back in.  Sure glad they fixed that gear problem.  ;)


Second passenger of the day!  It was our "caterer"'s sister.  :)


Chuck and Trey getting her headset fixed.


And Sallie is Ready To Go!


T-6 goes by with the smoke on.

A lovely sight!


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)