Indianapolis Air Show III!

Mt. Comfort Airport; 5/09; Photos by Trey Carroll

Me in the T-6 flying over the runway doing passes


You can see the smoke under the wings


I had fun following Duane's smoke




The formation is in front of me, and I'm that little thing all by myself back there where I won't be a problem for anyone else.  ;)



I'm not in this one, since I'm a ways back, I just liked the picture.


The "trainers" group in flight on Saturday


The main group in front, Duane second to the right, me far right.


Just flying overhead.


More flying through/around/on top of Duane's smoke


I was playing around with PhotoShop and this came out looking like an old WWII photo to me.  Since these were WWII trainers, I thought I'd leave it that way.  Duane in front with smoke on, me back to the left of the photo, "in" the smoke.


More normal coloring of flying around the smoke.  :)



Just a bunch of shots of me doing circles over the field, for my own posterity and because Trey took nice shots of the plane.  :)


All done for Saturday, coming in to land with the Corsair waiting.


Gear down and locked.



Over the runway...




Rolling Out...


Coming back in to park.



Me flying on Sunday



Coming in to land on Sunday


The end of the show for the day



Coming in to park, done flying at the show...quite an adventure all around.




(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)