Indianapolis Air Show II!

Mt. Comfort Airport; 5/09; Photos by Trey Carroll

Nathan & Jamie arrive at MQJ in the Mustang


Coming in to park.


Little head in the back seat, ready to shut down.



Jamie & Nathan Davis



Getting out of the plane


Now me & Kaylee are arriving in the T-6


Coming in to parking


Little head in the back is Kaylee.


Swinging around to park


Me shutting down


Kaylee in the back.  :)


Chuck & Jamie wait to greet us.


Chuck helps Kaylee out of the T-6 while I secure the plane


I'm happy to arrive.  :)


The lineup of airplanes on the ramp.  Mustang and T-6 red noses.


Sun in the canopy of the T-6



The Checkertail Clan planes together on the ramp.



Sunset photo of the T-6



Sunset photos of the Mustang




Me taxiing out on Saturday for the first time at the show.



Lining up behind the other planes in my group.


Duane's in the #369 T-6



Swinging around to do my run-up.


Doing the run-up

Looking over at the Bulldog to see if he's ready to go.


We're all ready to go on this end.


Taxiing out to the runway


for our mass takeoff.  I was #8 of nine planes on the runway.


Lining up with Duane (prior to scooting up)

Takeoff roll

And away I go...




(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)