Indianapolis Air Show!

Mt. Comfort Airport, June 5-8, 2009

Kaylee buckled into the back of the T-6 with a grin for Mom.


We're fueling up and ready to go to Mt. Comfort.


Kaylee & Jamie playing on the grass at the warbird ramp.


Jamie & Kaylee hang out by the air cooler in the Performer's Food Tent.


Friday night the hot air balloons light up.



We get a good view of them by our campsite.



Three Amigos Staring At Broken Generator Parts.


The sun goes down some more, and the balloons are brighter.


Good night!



It's Saturday afternoon and I'm buckling in for my first time flying at this (or any big) air show.


Jonathan is up helping.


Hair back in a ponytail, thinking about what needs to come next, waiting for start time.


Zach the "Ramp Rat" in charge of the Warbird Ramp.


I'm glancing off to the right at Duane's plane, to see if he's in yet.  Yep.


Chuck on the phone...




Steve and I looking over to the others.


Just waiting and talking.  :)


Taxiing out to take off for the show.


I'm on my way, taking off.


And away I go.


Flying over the top of Duane's smoke


You can see several planes up.  The tiny dots on the far left with smoke on are the formation I was following.  So the little dot behind all those dots...that's me.  ;)


There, that's a closer view. I'm keeping to the right of Duane's smoke.


Duane in front of me.


More flying by/around smoke.  He was leaving me "breadcrumbs" so I wouldn't get lost up there.  ;)


A partial view of one small section of the crowd.


Taxiing in from the landing and the successful completion of my first flight there.




Coming in to the warbird ramp.



In, parked and shut down, and NOW we can actually claim that it's actually the successful completion of the flight.


Jonathan and Chuck coming up...


Me talking to the Designated Examiner who gave me my checkrides for most of my pilot certificates and ratings back in the early 90s at Vincennes University.


Hey, I know it's attractive, but I had to wear the hat.  My scalp was already burnt.  :O  :)


Steve & Laura leaning on the T-6 wing and relaxing.



A bit more of a view of part of the crowd.




I've always liked this shot from a few years ago of Nathan at Mt. Comfort in the Mustang...stretch that out for over a mile, and that gives you some idea of the view.  :)



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)