Mt. Comfort/Indianapolis Air Show III

August 21-24, 2008

Time to start up for Sunday's warbirds show.


Nathan waiting for his turn.


Going by the crowd


Duane in the TBM


Nathan on Take-off


One of the passes...


Smoke On


Bomber run


Next level of the progression-Kaylee is now talking to the curmudgeonly guard because she can't help but talk to folks.  :)


Just a far shot of a strafing run pass in the Mustang



With a bit of the crowd below.



Doing a pass the other direction


And finally, Kaylee can't stand it, and she is now on the back of the golf cart with the guard and they are chatting away quite nicely.  ;)


Bombing run


The Richardsons and Steve


There's a guy on the far left pointing or waving-I think the TBM has a fan. :)


A few more Mustang pass photos


Look how shiny that thing is.  Nice Job, Jonathan.  :)


Duane taxiing in.


Kaylee in front of her favorite, the B-17


Relaxing under the shade of the Mustang wing.


The Wall of Fire


Who doesn't like the pyrotechnics?


Nothin' but smoke...


Me on the wing of the T-6 watching the warbird show.


Hmm, Chuck taking a photo of someone taking a photo of me watching the warbird show. :)


Enjoying the show...



Laura & Jamie hanging out under the wing of the T-6 during the show.



Gotta love the Egyptians.  ;)

Kaylee with her Indy Aero Airplane Guy



And passed out cold in the back of the car on the way home.


In a fuzzy blanket with the air conditioning cranked per her request.



See the circles under the eyes?  A sure sign of a happily exhausted 7 year old.  ;)



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)