Mt. Comfort/Indianapolis Air Show II

August 21-24, 2008

I stood on the wing of the T-6 so I could get some photos for awhile.  This is our golf cart crew and some of the crowd.


From under the wing of the T-6, here are Kaylee & Jamie watching the bombing and strafing runs.


There you can see a fireball on the right side too...


A "bomb" going off.


Our golf cart crew.


A distant shot of Nathan landing and the crowd.



Fuzzy, but closer up.



Kaylee watching the show from the golf cart.


Showing off her badge.  :)


We had a little shin-dig Saturday night.


Filet, baked potatoes, fresh tomatoes, and all the beverages you can imagine.  Delicious.


Everyone did a fantastic job on the prep work!


Just some of the eaters-and cookers.  :)


Charlie and Dawn and Sheri


Sheri with some of the Alabama Boys


Trey, Carol, Michaele in the background.


A Definite Alabama Boy.  ;)


Hmmm, I think Mr. Blue Shirt was on to me.  ;)


Duane and Wayne


Dawn & Charlie


Duane "Stop Taking My Picture" and Wayne


Kaylee fell out of her bed that night, and when I woke up she was lying in the aisle of the trailer like this.



Chuck Walks like an Egyptian.


Kaylee with her Egyptian Mask


And Nathan's Warbirds hat.  :)



The B-17 is Kaylee's favorite plane, she says.  :)



Greg Koontz after landing on a pickup truck in his comedy act in the Cub.


A fun act for people to watch.  :)


Nathan and Chuck on the Mustang


Well, he WAS hero posing, but I missed it.  ;)


This is a progression.  The guy on back was a *really* tough line guy-he'd bark at anyone who crossed the flags onto the warbird ramp without proper identification.  Note Kaylee sitting up front.

Nathan, Holly and Chuck under the shade of the Mustang.

Duane taxis out in the TBM



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)