Mt. Comfort/Indianapolis Air Show

August 21-24, 2008


Kaylee and Jamie on the golf cart just off the warbird ramp.



You can see the checkertail T-6 to the right, and the flags are where the "crowd" line begins/ends.


Cheese.  ;)


Kaylee pouting when I wouldn't let her do something.


And the view she turned towards me when she realized I was taking her photo pouting. ;)



Just the area that would be filled with people the next day...


The T-6 on the ramp...


Chuck & Holly's heads by the Mustang.


That evening they had hot air balloons lit up...



Just right there by all the buildings.


Kaylee & Jamie ran around picking up trash from the camp ground.


And stopped now and then to check stuff out.


Nathan securing the T-6 for the night.


Our lion friend on the pitot tube of the T-6


Chuck chatting with a fan of the Mustang.


Sunset on the warbird ramp.


Many of our crew, and the far right.


Evening falls on the warbirds.


T-6 silhouette at sunset.



The hot air balloons getting ready to go up.


This is the facility at Mt. Comfort...


These are all blurry, not having a tripod, but you get the general idea.  It was lovely.


Sunset over the campgrounds.




Kaylee's bed for the weekend...


Back to work!  Pulling the prop through...


Taxiing by


The TBM "Avenger" flown by Duane C.


Just our guys on the golf cart, the crowd, and a bomber in the background.

Duane in the TBM going by the crowd.


Nathan takes off for the show in the Mustang.


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)