Indy Air Show III

June 13, 2010   Mt. Comfort Airport

We weren't the only ones who had a few chairs under the wing. :)


The crowd line held back for the sterile ramp.


There's more of it...


The Horsemen


They do make it look easy.


And I do love the sight/sound.


The crowd is thinning out by now...


The Heritage Flight.


Show is officially over with the Heritage Flight, and the planes start a mass exodus once the airspace is open.



Steve T.


Jim's getting ready to head out.



Ramp Dudes


Me with Judy Birchler, from "Ladies Love Taildraggers"


Steve T., Jim Z., Jon T., Steve, Laura & Kaylee


These two photos taken by Steve C.


Jim heads out in the Mustang-the two Checkertails


Taxiing to the runway,


The field is already deserted.


Look at those muddy feet!  (Don't worry, it's a fake pout.)


See.  ;)  Sunburned, barefoot and muddy.  Seems like a good kid day!



Trying to wash the mud off with water and lemonade mixed.  See the back of her shirt?  ;)


And only making a bigger mess.

A head to toe mudball!


AE watching the Mustang depart the area to the north, show done for the year.



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)