Indy Air Show

June 11-12, 2010   Mt. Comfort Airport

Laura & Kaylee in the T-6, Jim & AE in the Mustang.


The Mustang joined up on the T-6


Landing at Mt. Comfort



Taxiing down to warbirds.


It was REALLY hot.  Kaylee enjoying the air cooler at the performer's tent.



Planes in the Rain



Wet Mustang



Checkertail Clan


Water almost up to the mains.


This is how bored Navy pilots entertain themselves...


when the airshow is canceled...


due to rain.


They made one giant slip-n-slide


Added some soap,


And had a lot of fun.  Gave us something to watch too.  ;)



Look at the size of that tire compared to Steve C.



This "A-10" is huge.


T-6 tailwheel in a puddle.


The first sign of life!  The rain quit, the skies started clearing.


Jim & Nathan


Jim, Nathan, Mint, Chuck, AE


The water receding, the planes drying out.


The Ramp Dudes and company


Jim signing AE's logbook for his Mustang trip


Mint and Dave



Nathan, Chuck, Steve, Jim



Steve C. and Jon T. checking out the B-17



The Checkertail Clan, Tom Wood, and Ramp Dude groups just chatting...



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)