Indy Air Show II

June 13, 2010   Mt. Comfort Airport

Ten minutes to my start time, watching the other planes fly.


I should remember which act was two in front of us, but I don't.


Zac helps Jim get ready.


Jon helps me get ready.


Loaded up, helmeted up, waiting for the start time.


Jim's ready in Checkertail, Brad is ready in the Wood's P51


Jim taxiing by to take the runway


T-6 heads out


I just liked the Civil Air Patrol guy in front of this one.


I don't wear the visor down to try to look cool-I have contacts in and it protects my eyes better than just the glasses do.  ;)


Taxiing past the crowd line.




Coming out for the next round...


The two Mustangs take the runway


Jim taking off


The two fighters in the air


Next it's our turn.  The C-45 and T-6 on the runway


Yep, me taking off.


Meanwhile, this act was going on. Jelly Belly plane out of control landing on Jelly Belly truck.  The Air Boss does an amazing job coordinating all of this going on all at once.




Still Rolling


Not so rolling.


This was the aerobatic act going on while we held in a circle to the east of the field.  In the big version you can actually see the little dot that was us in the background.


Yes, I do know that you can't tell one year from another on flying photos, but to not document it would be impossible for me.


Dot of a T-6 to the left of the tail.



Two smoke rings.  I did get to see pyro from the air this year, which was neat, and much better than having it go off next to the runway while I'm still on the runway.  ;)


I was in the WWII era "act".  Pretty much everyone else was a bomber, so I didn't exactly fit into the show there, but they were kind and let me do it anyway.  You can see several of us here


The C-45 (also not a bomber at least) and myself coming around.



The hint of a smoke ring above me


C-45 in front of the T-6


Nathan's planes at the same time.  I was coming in to land, Jim was setting up for the overhead break.


Some of the crowd line, C-45 coming in to land, me behind him.


Steve took a landing sequence of pictures...



Rolling down the runway quickly to give Jim in the Mustang some room behind me to safely land.


Coming back to parking.


Jim lands in the Mustang


So pretty.


Back and parked and shutting down.





Jon & Steve C.

Me, hugely sweaty, with the best girl around.  :)



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)