Mail Call: SNAFU

Gatlinburg/Sevierville, TN; Sept. 25, 2006

"Wicked Wabbit" coming in for a landing.


The "Hun Hunter" comes in next


More of the "Mail Call" crew.


The Mustang touches down.


Comes back in to park...


Gunny gives another Thumbs-up as he goes by to parking.



Mint and Gunny


Mint & Gunny


Nathan waits on the Mustang as the film crew shoot some shots of Gunny


Mint & Gunny


Gunny with Chris (pilot of TBM and also an airline pilot) with his girlfriend Ilene (sp?) (also an airline pilot) and Neil (owner of the Museum on field).


Chris, Gunny & Ilene


Nathan and Gunny



Crew around the Mustang


The TBM "Avenger" rolls out


The "Avenger" takes flight




Laura wears Gunny's hat.


Low pass for the Mustang, in series...


And these photos are taken out of the open bed of a pickup truck as it races the Mustang down the taxiway.  Might I add 'Whee!'





Ride's over, Nathan & Gunny getting out



Gunny's smiling!


I think he liked it.


Pretty sure.  :)



Nathan & Gunny



The TBM, Mint and Gunny


Nathan presents Gunny with a P-51 jacket


Helps get it on...

It gets two thumbs-up (in a second)