Mail Call: SNAFU

Gatlinburg/Sevierville, TN; Sept. 25, 2006


Frank, Gunny, Nathan, and some of the Mail Call Crew


Frank, Gunny & Nathan


The Mustangs


One more...Frank, Nathan, and Gunny


There goes the "Wicked Wabbit"


The "Hun Hunter", the other P-47



The Gunny climbs in for his first P-51 ride


Getting in...



He's in.  :)


Frank speaking with another pilot



Mint in front of "Sweetie Face", the P-51


Gunny gets set up in the Mustang


There's the Thumbs-up...ready to roll!


Nathan and Gunny


Nathan & Gunny in the Mustang



A couple of the guys keep the gas pans empty under "Sweetie Face".  :)


A true WWII fighter pilot, Frank Luckman


The T-38


The Mustangs taxi out to go


Nathan & Gunny heading out


Just a tranquil scene at Gatlinburg Airport


The Mustang takes flight



And away they go!


With a Thumbs-up from Gunny in the back.


There goes "Sweetie Face"


Chuck & Judy relaxing and chatting


Part of the "Mail Call" film crew


Mint gets ready to take a shot too



The TBM, the two P-47's and the two P-51's join up.


P-51's and P-47's go overhead...

And one by one break away.