Mail Call: SNAFU

Gatlinburg/Sevierville, TN; Sept. 25, 2006

A lovely view of the clouds/mountains on the way to Gatlinburg in the P-51 Mustang.


It is the crack of dawn at Gatlinburg Airport (Yes, I AM awake) and they are starting to pull out the airplanes--the P-47 was first...


The Mail Call guys setting up a "Lipstick Cam" so they can see the Gunny during his flight.


Pulling out "Sweetie Face", the other Mustang there.


"Sweetie Face" at Dawn...


The P-47's lined up


The "Avenger", wings folded.




The Gunny talks with Martin in the hangar.


Chuck & Nathan hang out in the hanger


The 'Wicked Wabbit' throws off some wicked oil!


Gunny & Martin.  :)



Good morning to the sun-and Nathan's Mustang


The morning "briefing" before the flights with the Gunny and all the pilots/crew/videographers/photographers


The briefing...



The pilots...


Holy cow, the "Wicked Wabbit" ate its mechanic!  :O


Sorry for finding this so amusing, but it just looked...wrong.


Okay, time to pull him out...


Almost out...


All but the head.  lol


Chuck & Judy.  :)


Mr. Davis and his plane.


The TBM fires up, with Gunny and some crew on the right.


Watching the TBM get ready to roll


The TBM and the P-47's head out for their flight


Gunny comes over to speak with Nathan for a bit about the P-51


Just going over some of the plane's characteristics


This is Frank Luckman, an actual P-47 pilot from WWII; the Gunny, and Nathan.


Nathan & Gunny having a good time. :)



Frank, Gunny & Nate


Nathan & Gunny


Some of the crew watching down the runway as the "birds" get ready to take flight.