BBQ Bash 2009 III

Glenndale Airport, Sept. 19-21, 2009

The Saratoga lands while the RG taxis out.


Jon taking care of the oil and bugs.


The Mustang with Steve & Nathan flies by.


Ahhh.  :)



Airplanes and people


A rather mischievous looking Kaylee Jo


Watching the skydivers


Laura & Kaylee watching the jumpers


Steve and other folks watching


The flag jumper


Picking the flag up quickly


The hot air balloon that passed close by.


Steve, Chuck, Walt


Checking the runway.



Looks clear, I'm coming in to land next time.


Coming in to land...


Hey, looking good...


Doh! (What's a little 'hop' among friends?) 


It's still down (again) and being taxiied by the threshold marker, so nobody can accuse me of coming in too hot at least.  ;)


Blow up these next two to see me smirking at myself for that.


What can I say-easily amused.  ;)


The RG on rides


I'm waiting for my next victim passenger to be loaded up in the back.  :)


See the rain on the windows?  Neither rain nor sleet nor...well, okay, actually sleet and hail really would stop us...


Getting ready to taxi


This was either the end of me giving the "I need fuel" symbol to Jon or the end of a salute.


Taxiing out for another ride.


The DJ brings the tent down to protect his electronics from the rain.


The rides keep going!


Charlie hanging loose


Me on more rides...




Folks out and about.



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)