BBQ Bash 2009

Glenndale Airport, Sept. 19-21, 2009

Flying over the Howard County Veterans Association Weekend Event


There were quite a few people down there!


This is about half of the strip...maybe less.


The guys by the T-6


Most of our lovely morning crew!


Judy & the ladies who did a Fantastic job!



The beautiful hand-built, hand-painted pedal plane that Mitch made and put up for auction for us.


McGruff the Crime Dog trying to get a shake.


Big brother will step up.  :)


Loading up a ride in the T-6


If you blow this one up, you'll see two airplanes in the air departing. You can see what the wind is doing by the tape in these photos.


T-6 on takeoff.


Duane comes in to land.


The three rides planes and T-6 all coming up for takeoff.


Happy Kaylee JoAnn.


Showing off her face paint, chocolate on her lips and all.


Steve and Nathan getting into the Mustang for their arrival at Glenndale.


Buckling in and ready to go.


Folks coming out to watch the skydivers.


And eating...


More skydiver watchers.




Kaylee's checking it out too.


This was a cutie!


You can't not take the photos even though they jump for us each year.


Coming in to land.


#2 coming in over the audience.


For another beautiful landing. (These guys are good.)




The flag to "God Bless the USA"



The jumpers showing their respect by grabbing the flag, as always, before it can drag on the ground.



We had a hot air balloon go by to the south of us just after the jumpers landed too.


Bye BBQ Bash for 2009!



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)