BBQ Bash 2009 II

Glenndale Airport, Sept. 19-21, 2009

Remaining pages of photos by Justin Gould

Bringing the T-6 in to Glenndale Friday after the Veteran's fly-over.




Duane C. and myself in the Citabria.


Just Duane.


Me in the RG


The area waiting to fill in.


The kids' bouncy area.


The hangar set up for eating.


Me in purple, Michaele in Red, Chuck in dark blue, Gene in pink, Tom in tan...




Tre & Nathan grilling up grilled cheese


Planes and people


Dinner time!


The hangar


Pretty fall colors.  Duane with a rider.


Nathan and Steve coming to bring me the keys to the C-182.


The T-6 at dusk.




The Ramp Dudes


The Magnificent Three


No, THIS is the Magnificent Three. ;)



Air Boss Les Willis


The 182




Folks hanging out and eating.


A happy rider in the T-6


Kaylee & I hanging out and talking.


Christian Eagle...


Richard & Ted.






A smirking rider exits the T-6


Maggie & Kaylee playing in the bubbles


RG coming in to land, a few folks milling around.

Parking and planes...



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)