Mahoney State Park III

Shaffer Family Reunion, July 18-21, 2010
Mahoney State Park, Nebraska

Kaylee had to sit on all the bison, of course!


Even the babies. :)




Next comes swiming, Round One!



Inner tube in the wave pool




Break for horseback riding!



Kaylee at the Corrals.


Kaylee, Uncle Rick and wrangler horse.


Kaylee petting him


Up on "Freckles" the horse. :)



The Mighty Trailrider.



Back to swimming-the 10' dive board.




Kaylee's under the water bucket, getting ready to be...




In the kiddie pool


Kaylee in the wave pool, chilling.


In the deep end...



Waiting for the waves to hit.


Jasmine and Aunt Christy


Jasmine as a frog


On a frog slide...


Kaylee in the deep end.


Kaylee's rebellion when they insisted on everyone under 16 getting out of the pool for 10 minutes.


Here come the waves!


Friends in the deep end





Look at how hard the wave hits that kid in the middle.  :)




Laughing in the pool



Parenting is not for the weak. Seeing your kid up past her neck with rough water in a crowded pool...she's having fun, I'm a little more tense than she is.


Time for roasting marshmallows!


And S'mores!



A hot, sweaty, covered in sunscreen and bug spray me.



Jasmine, photo by Kaylee


Flying home in the Saratoga


Kaylee chilling out


The iPod sitting behind the throttle quadrant.



The Saratoga panel including iPod. ;)




(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)