Mahoney State Park II

Shaffer Family Reunion, July 18-21, 2010
Mahoney State Park, Nebraska

Kaylee starts getting a little tired at the museum.


"I need a drink. I need a snack. I need to sit down!"


One of the hangars at the museum


This was a cute little "Goblin"




Ah, a drink and a snack and a chair!  Life is good again!






The Museum Crew leaving. Aunt Cindy, Kaylee, Uncle Rick, Virlene, Grandpa Shaffer


The outside of the museum


This is one giant playland area



So big I took it in three separate photos to get it all.


The kids loved it-layers upon layers of activities.



Aunt Christy & Uncle Rick


Aunt Sharon, Grandpa & Virlene



Kaylee climbing up the ramp to enter the labyrinth.



Kaylee & Uncle Kevin get going in there.


A huge water tower and the biggest flag I've ever seen in person.



Uncle Rick & Uncle Christopher


In the car on the way to the "Smokehouse" restaurant.


I love catching a real laugh.  :)


More black light room!


A giant pencil acquisition at the gift shop.



At the drive-through safari, taking photos of the animals.



All of us going to the wolves area.

Checking out the stops along the trail.



Uncle Rick and Kaylee spotting spotted owls.


Native American tribal beliefs catcher


Jasmine checking out the prints on a rock.


Kaylee's trying to find the wolves.



They are stubborn little animals, always hiding!


Jasmine wants to see too.



Taking photos of the jawbones of various wolves.


The West family looking for wolves.





Wolves area


Kaylee on a very big bison



Lifesized bison with wild child riding.


More of the bison family.




(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)