Mahoney State Park

Shaffer Family Reunion, July 18-21, 2010
Mahoney State Park, Nebraska

Kaylee & Gabe at Mahoney State Park



Steph & Gabe, me & Kaylee



It was hoooooot.



This was the black light room--with a flash


And without a flash. See the glow?  :)


Kaylee at Grandpa Shaffer & Virlene's campsite


Posing for Mom




Goofball.  :)


Grandpa & Virlene's campsite/trailer


Jasmine, Uncle Rick & Kaylee on the swing at the lake.



Kaylee, Uncle Rick & Jasmine on the swing.


Uncle Rick, Aunt Cindy, Jasmine and Kaylee going up the hill to swing.


The sun going down made a pretty glow.



Pretty time of day.


On the swing





Jasmine & Uncle Rick chasing geese


Going to the next play thing



Climbing the bars, in flip flops and a skirt, yes.



Running full tilt to chase geese



One running goose, one running/laughing kid.


Jasmine & Uncle Rick are chasing too.


Feeding the birds



Uncle Christopher, Uncle Kevin, Jasmine paddleboating.



Kaylee was a paddler on the boat


While I was in the back seat as a passenger



Ah, a cool refreshing lemonade on a muggy day.



The other boat out and about. Jasmine insisted on doing the work.



Kaylee & Mommy


An ice cold blueberry icee after all that work.



The view from the balcony at the Lodge.


One huge tall water tower at the Lodge.  See those bumps up top?



Those are crazy people up there working with just safety belts.


Kaylee by the "SAC" symbol at the Air & Space Museum.



Me & Kaylee by the SAC symbol.

A Pilot Hat on a pilot kid.  ;)

Kaylee next to Anakin Skywalker, a display at the museum (okay?!)



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)