Eureka/Beaumont, Kansas III

June 4-6, 2010

Kaylee's a little excited about her new camera!



Kaylee took these next three photos with her new camera!  Grandma...






Mommy in front of the Saratoga...

Right here she's on the wing of the Toga, a little bummed she didn't get the shot she wanted.





Patty & her "little" brother Mike.  :)


Aaron & Patty...



Four-Generation Photo.  Great-Grandma Hazel Johnson, Grandma Patty Chiles, Mom Laura Stants, and Kaylee Stants.



Grandma Chiles apparently kicks their rears on cards.  ;)


Kaylee waits for people to settle in so she can take a picture.






Debbie & Gerald (we all call each other "cuz", but only my Mom knows the exact first-cousin-once-removed thing.)



Uncle Mike (hey, I know my relation to him!) and Cousin Debbie.  :)


For the family photo, his family wasn't present this year, so he cuddled the balloon instead.


Each family got stood against the wall for their "face the photographers and smile" shots.  :)


And this was a few people at the adult table prior to us leaving.  Uncle Mike, Debbie, Gerald, his daughter Lynnea, and CF.


Flying home in the Saratoga...


It was an interesting weather day.

Clouds and sun

Almost home...


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)