Eureka/Beaumont, Kansas

June 4-6, 2010

We arrive at Beaumont about an hour from sunset.


The Saratoga parked on the grass by the tower, with Main Street in front of it.


The hotel is just across the street.



The water tower to the right, the road we taxiied up from the runway...



The Beaumont Hotel in the background.


Kaylee in front of the Beaumont water tower.


And...goofball Kaylee.  :)



The sign on the left says "Bent Prop Aircraft Parking", which cracked me up.


Steve & Kaylee modeling the soft fuzzy hotel robes.


Kaylee likes hers so much she took a shower just so she could wear it.



Kaylee at the desk playing Disney Fairies for a few minutes in Kansas.  ;)


Steve & Kaylee by the tower.


There they are...



Laura, Kaylee & Patty by the tower.


Three-generation photo in front of the old hometown tower.


It was a railway stop, a high point on the railroad.



My grandfather worked on this very railroad, my grandparents lived in the town, as did my mom and several uncles.


It's the only remaining tower of its kind today...


Kaylee following a trail down to read the next historical sign.



"Over Yonder!"  I'm not sure if they're pointing at the horses or the windmills, but there it is.  :)


Kaylee comes back bearing flowers for her mom & grandma.





The road you taxi down to get from the runway to the hotel and vice versa.


Rules of the Runway.



History of the Airport part of it...


Kaylee visits her Uncle Meritt's farm, where he has two very tiny, very adorable newborn kitties.


Grandma & Kaylee each have a little fuzzball.


Kaylee and Fuzzball #2.



Me holding Fuzzball #1

They're about two weeks old, they think.



This one was a little more wild about being held, but they were both sweeties.



Patty & Meritt...siblings.  :)

Cowgirl Kaylee


(Stop taking my photo)



Kaylee sleeps on the couch instead of in the bed this night...


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)