Eureka/Beaumont, Kansas II

June 4-6, 2010

A series of photos taken by Steve of me taxiing the Saratoga down the road to takeoff...

Welcome to Main Street


The hotel is to the right



That overhang on the hotel?  We were sitting at the edge of that when the snake plopped down next to us.


I'm coming up on the intersection


Any Traffic In The Area Please Advise...








The below photos are from my not-great-quality camera, out the windshield as I taxiied.



You really have to stop at the stop sign and watch for traffic...


The hotel.




The beginning of the north runway with the upslope.


I can see Steve & Kaylee in their car on Main Street on this one. :)


Here's the entirety of Beaumont.  Can you spot the runway?  :)


Beaumont, the pond they used for water for the steam engine trains, and on the horizon a wind farm.

These buggers were making my GPS yell "OBSTACLE!  PULL UP!" while coming in to land.

And this is Eureka--a metropolis after Beaumont!  The runway is on the north end of town there...


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)