Christmas/New Year's III, 2010!

Dec. 27, 2009 - Jan. 2, 2010
Franklin, TN

Kaylee's gift for Morgan



Wow, what a look, you'd think Lon didn't like Steve or something.  ;)



Aunt Cathy with the socks Kaylee gave her.






Uncle Lon & Kaylee hug.


He's "trimming" his nose right now, and the look on Kaylee's face cracks me up every time.


Laura opening a present


Us with presents from Grandma & Grandpa


Grandpa gets some loot too!


And Steve with a bow on his hat...



Boys!  Boys!  Stop fighting!



I think kissing and making up might be a little too much though...



Grandma & Grandpa with Grandkids



Kaylee & Alonna


Kaylee & Morgan


Uncle Lon and Kaylee with her pajamas



Just having dinner, some of us at this table


And the rest over here.  :)


New Year's Eve!  Time to play an exciting table game!


:) Kaylee & Daddy


Everyone is having fun...


Oh dear.  I think I'm disturbed by this.


And Morgan is horrified.


Grandma & Grandpa at Year End...


Look at Kaylee & Morgan's faces.  Kaylee is watching the clock tick down so she can kiss Morgan on the cheek and Morgan is not looking forward to it.  ;)


Tanner & Kaylee trap Morgan in a double-sided cheek New Year's Kiss


And I get Kaylee.  ;)


Happy New Year!


Boomer the Giant Dog gets his once-a-year treat in climbing up on the couch with us.


Okay, twice-a-year.  Rania is feeling sick now and he's allowed up to lay with her.













Richard & Ann talking about the gifts they got for everyone


And enjoying watching the kids choose.


Tanner has pity on his mom and gives her a gift from the choices.  :)


The Five.


Grandma & Grandpa with their grandkids.


Boomer the Giant Dog.  He's Much friendlier than he looks.  (Unless you're a robber.)


Laura descending the stairs to head home...



Kaylee waves goodbye as the cousins come out on the front porch to see us off...



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)