Christmas/New Year's II, 2010!

Dec. 27, 2009 - Jan. 2, 2010
Franklin, TN

Kaylee opens her "awesome" boots



Hmm, nice bow!  :)



Grandma & Grandpa with their grandkids



Kaylee & Alonna


And Morgan


Wearing the coat Morgan got her.


This is Ann with her Christmas present.



This is Steve & Lon hiding from Ann's photo. Ha.



And Kaylee & Tanner.  :)


The 'kids' hunt out their M&M Candy Canes on the tree.





Playing Tinkerbelle games


And Uno and Scrabble


Steve & Ann cook lasagna for Cathy


A car-racing game...



Mo, Ra & Kay in the hot tub.



Tanner the Puzzle Master, Steve & Ann


Steve & his mom working on the puzzle.


These are just some snapshots of a quiet evening...

Some food, some drink, some family, some relaxation...


Some mutual puzzle solving...




The bench that held the goodies the grandkids could choose from.



Richard & Ann explaining how it was going to go.


Each grandkid drew a number out of the hat, 1-5.



The person with #1 chooses first, through #5, then #5 gets to choose first for the second round and it goes backwards.  Five or six rounds until all the gifts are gone.  :)







Tanner goes...Morgan was too fast for me.  ;)


The Five Grandkids with their loot



On the staircase.


Kaylee takes an inopportune moment to take a potty break, so Cathy is leading everyone in song, which is cracking everyone up.  :)






HERE she is.  Photo op taken.


And Kaylee goes back to the hot tub.  Ahhh, hot steam on a cold night!


She loved it out there.


The tub alternated red, blue, green & white lights, but without a tripod and people holding very still, I just couldn't get a shot of it.


This time there is foam/bubbles in the tub when the jets turn on and nobody knows why.  They all swear nobody put soap in there!



Lost in the bubbles...


Out of the hot tub, and Birthday Gifts for Kaylee!



More talking and hanging out.  :)


More relaxation...


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)