Christmas/New Year's 2010!

Dec. 27, 2009 - Jan. 2, 2010
Franklin, TN

Kaylee plays her Nintendo DS in the back of the Baron on the way to Tennessee



It was a pretty evening on our way down...



Here's a view of Indianapolis as we flew over the top of downtown.


Rania picks out her nail polish.


Kaylee is next


And Morgan


And Alonna.  :)


Ra getting her nails done...


Al's turn


Kay getting worked on.


The girls drying their nails


More Kay.  The folks are Korean, and very friendly.  :)


Ann gets a turn


This was a special outing Grandma did with her granddaughters


Just the five of them total, to go out and have fun and spiff up.






The finished product.  Kaylee chose purple


The ladies relax at Panera afterwards


And show off their lovely nails.







Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...



The men work on a faulty fireplace


Kaylee & Rania hang out.


Steve's texting, but he didn't really do much of that, honest!


The "kids" go up and play Wii games


While the adults just hang out.


View from above...


Morgan and Alonna are holding Kaylee on the Wii Fitness board to create a "heavy" person.


Alonna tried to do something on her own after that, but it said "Hey, you weigh a LOT less now lady!"


So they all had to pile on.


Lean left, lean right...


Balance now, everyone!  Ha.


Just hanging out prior to opening gifts.



Lon with the Bible in his lap



Tanner plays the guitar for everyone


"Silent Night", and we all sing along.


Alonna reads the story of Jesus' birth


And let the gift giving begin!  Kaylee & Tanner


Opening a gift from Rania



Uncle Lon sees what Kaylee got for him and smiles.


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)