Christmas/New Year in Tennessee III

December 30, 2008 - January 2, 2009

Kaylee with the gentle giant, Boomer the small horse dog.  :)



Rania relaxing for just a moment.


Steve and Richard are soldering on some wiring on a Wii unit that got sucked up by a vacuum.



Three lovely ladies in blue do their fingernails.


This is a bad photo of a good idea.  The basket being lowered down to the bottom floor to be filled with goodies and hauled back up.  Everything worked well except a load of bananas that snapped the string and a cat that freaked out halfway up.  ;)



Kaylee working on chocolate chip cookies with Morgan.


Rania on the trampoline


Getting some good air.


Yes, this is mine.  Kaylee being Kaylee. :)


Tanner taking a flying leap




Pause for a photo op for Mom



Three Bouncing Crazies (hair straight up on Kay.)

Air under the toes...

Look at that Hair!  The static electricity in there was pretty rough I guess.

She's coming at me now...I'm kind of scared.



Again with the hair.  ;)



Mo, Ra, Kay and Tan.


Boomer loving on Morgan


who sicced him on her father.  ;)


Grandma & Grandpa setting out the gifts they brought for all the kids.


Explaining what they are...


Letting everyone touch and look at the things they brought.


Each grandchild picks a number and they pick the item they want as their number comes up.  Kaylee was #4, I think.


Grandma Stants with her grand'kids' and what they each chose.  :)

As we were driving on our way to the airport to leave, Grandma & Grandpa and the cousins all outside waving goodbye.

They're still out there, just blocked by the window.  I know Cathy got a better photo, so I'll put hers up when I get it.  :)



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)