Christmas/New Year in Tennessee

December 30, 2008 - January 2, 2009

I stood on the front porch and snapped photos of Tan, Ra, Mo and Kay on the 4-wheeler out in the horse pasture.

You can see Kaylee's shirt on the far left, but the sun was hitting Bean the horse nicely....not sure which of the other three that the brown horse is. :)

Out in the pasture just cruising in the sun.


Feeling the wind in your hair...



Seeing me way up there (love telephoto lenses!) by the house and waving...


And having a little fun.  Can I hear a "WOO-HOO!!"?  :)


Running along the fence line.


Just a more pulled-back view so you can see the hills behind the property.


Welcome to the "Mellow Mushroom" in Franklin, TN.


There, you can probably read that one a little better.  ;)


There was a kids' game room, and everyone was on a mission to win a squishy for Kaylee.  Tanner won one right off the bat, and gave his to Kaylee when the machine ate the rest of their money. Thanks, Tanner.  :)


Kaylee and Rania.  I think they're writing clues to Hide Scooby Doo.  By the way, do these two look related to anyone but me?  ;)



Miss Morgan playing Christmas tunes for us on the piano...


Alonna, Morgan, Kaylee (giving me a stink eye) and Boomer the Big Black Dog.


King the Cat is surveying his domain from "his" front door and wishing he could run free.



The stockings were hung by the fire with care...


A random shot of blue sky by the corner of the house just because I like blue sky.



Steve playing us some blues.


Kaylee loving on Morgan


Now I'm busted with the camera.  :)


Alonna and her Grandma Stants



Silly Tanner, putting stockings on as...stockings!  :)


Okay, bad shot of Kaylee, but look at the bruises on that girl's knees.  ;)



Three Santas and a Reindeer.  :)



Alonna & Grandma talking...


Kaylee is staring into a fireplace.  Waiting for Santa?  Nah, Tanner is hidden back in a nook back there.  :)



Steve plays the piano while his dad sings along.


Boomer the Giant Black Reindeer.  Took over for Rudolph when they wanted to go strong and stealthy at night.  ;)



Alonna & Kaylee hanging out...



Christmassy Girls.  :)


Richard & Ann are telling the grandkids a story


about their travels, what they saw, and what they picked up for them there.


They handed out olive wood ornaments for each of the kids as a special memory from their trip.


Rania, Morgan & Kaylee looking at their gifts.

Grandma & Grandpa with all their grandkids.

And one more time just in case someone blinked.  :)



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)