Christmas/New Year in Tennessee II

December 30, 2008 - January 2, 2009

Alonna opening her olive wood ornament.


The lovely Rania reads the Christmas story from the Bible for us this year.



Kaylee gives Uncle Lon a hug so he can say thank you for the angel she picked out for them.


Tanner opens his present from Kaylee


Kaylee's having fun as Santa-she just took over the job and started handing things out.  :)



Grandpa gives Boomer a pat or two...


Such a thoughtful, pensive gaze.  :)



Kaylee is hard to snag sometimes-this was a hit and run hug for Grandma after she opened the gift Kaylee got her.



Hugging Grandpa...


Watching Rania open a present.


Alonna seems surprised.  :)



Kaylee & Rania checking out the next box


On her way to Alonna for  hug.


Thanks Alonna!



Santa Kaylee



Kaylee looks like she is trying not to say something, doesn't she.



Spying over Daddy's shoulder while he records.


Still spying while Steve opens a present.


Ooh, the Glow Station! (That thing is actually pretty neat, you know it?)


Grandpa & Grandma open one, Steve & Kaylee watch.


Time for Uncle Lon to open one...



Tanner and his Michigan "throw"


Kaylee needs a knife, and Tanner is just the man to oblige.


Open that thing up and...



This is what I call the Scary Grin. Slightly Maniacal, isn't it??



Just a random happy chaos shot.  :)


Kaylee opening the next...


It's a little toilet and sink!



Kaylee gives more hugs..



Kaylee & Rania...


It's the doll that "goes" with the toilet and sink!


Thanks Aunt Cathy & Uncle Lon!


Note that Uncle Lon looks ready to get out of there and Kaylee and Aunt Cathy are both staring into the toilet.  You don't want to know why.  ;)


What's the first thing you do when you have a doll that potties?  Make it GO, of course!

Steve is not supposed to be in this photo. I was going to photoshop him out but it's too much effort!

Grandma & Grandpa with all their grandkids and one big disobedient son who wouldn't leave.  ;)



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