Shaffer Family Reunion IV

YMCA of the Ozarks; Potosi, MO; June 10-12, 2008

Kaylee wiped out hard on the concrete, and these are her wounds.  Two knees, two hands, one pinky and one chin.


Like a real 'girl', however, she was not too wounded to go make jewelry.  Here she is picking out the shells she wants to use for a bracelet.



Gayle & Cindy are also making anklets.



It's the jewelry table!


Kaylee worked hard to string together all those beads and shells.



Such a pondering expression...



There's more focus.  Almost done.  :)


Well, we are at the firing range now.  Kaylee is fitted with ear and eye protection just like the rest of us.



Grandpa Takes Aim


This is what the firing range looked like.  Small targets pinned to wooden slats in front of a dirt pile.


Here we are lined up behind the red line taking turns.


Three Shaffer men.


Now it's Kaylee's turn-her first time with a real rifle and real bullets.


She gets some directions from the instructor...


Then waits for the "okay".


She did quite well with handling the gun.  She loaded and unloaded it herself, cocked it, aimed it, put the safety off and on, etc.


She had trouble with the actual aiming part of it, but that will come.  :)



There's Steve...fortunately nobody got me at archery or riflery as far as I know.


Pontoon ride is next!



It's a lovely sunny day for a boat ride.  Uncle Kevin protecting his skin.


Isn't that pretty?


A relaxing ride...


Grandma & Grandpa on the boat.


Kaylee & Mommy on the boat.


Kaylee & Daddy hit the water one last time before we leave.


Meanwhile, some of my family gets on the hayride to the pole barn to go line dancing.



The guy with his arms up is my Uncle Rick.  :)



Kaylee hits the slide again, with Daddy to catch her this time.


Maybe by the end of summer she won't be afraid to splash under water on these slides.



Next was "Funyaking"!  Little non-tipping kayaks for kids and adults alike.


She paddles off into the sunset just fine, with Daddy behind her.


They had a good time.






Steve on a hunt to crash into Kaylee.


Holding hands in the funyaks, watching the lake go by.  Sweet.


Some of the chatting that went on in the cabin after hours.


The other side of the cabin...


More dock watching...


Those fish were huge, I'm telling you...


You can't see it very well, but this is the main hangar for Potosi, MO.  It was a nice little place.  :)


Out my window on the flight home from Potosi, in the Saratoga.

Group Photo! From Back Row Left to Right:
Christopher, Christie & Jasmine, Micah and Zach, Laura & Steve, Jake, Cindi and Rick.
Front Row Left to Right:  Kevin & Sharon, Bill & Virlene, Kaylee, Gayle & David.

Steve and Kaylee in the back whispering secret stuff.  :)



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)