Shaffer Family Reunion II

YMCA of the Ozarks; Potosi, MO; June 10-12, 2008


Kaylee with her cousin Jasmine




On the playground by our cabin.


Look, an old-fashioned teeter-totter!



Steve & Kaylee on the see-saw.


A tire chain swing...


Which is always fun.



Just a pretty girl on a bench on a pretty day by a pretty lake.  :)


Goofball here is "racing".


Coming up on the finish line...



Steve at the lake...


Kaylee with Grandma Shaffer



There were 17 of us there, so we required a very large table at the lodge at which to eat!


Kaylee, stopping to smell the flowers.


Aunt Christie showing Kaylee & Micah some photos she took.


Kaylee knew I was taking a photo here, so she did a karate chop behind her head at me.  ;)



My uncles Kevin and Rick were going to go sailing.  This is them contemplating their two crafts and listening to instructions-hopefully. ;)



Kaylee and Micah go paddleboating.



They liked to bump into Steve and I.


Is it just me or is she getting really mature looking??


Uncle Rick tries his hand at this sailing thing.


Uncle Kevin heads off too.



Kaylee and Micah.


It's a family event, now.



Here everyone is.  Me and Steve taking photos, Kevin in the orange, Rick in the rainbow, Kaylee and Micah in the paddleboat.


Uncle Kevin.


The two meet up on the other side of the lake, off into the distance.


Kaylee and Micah go swimming.


She's trying to blast another kid with the water gun.


Steve & Grandpa


Of course every kid has to mess with the sand at a beach.


Princess Filthy Paws here.  ;)


The Stand at the Top of the Slide.  The "Do I feel like going down" moment.


Micah is waiting down below, so she goes for it.


And yet you note this first time she's also hanging on to the side of the slide to slow herself down.




Uncle Kevin and Steve, contemplating the lake.

Micah and Kaylee



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)