Shaffer Family Reunion III

YMCA of the Ozarks; Potosi, MO; June 10-12, 2008

Kaylee making her gel candle.


Adding cool stuff to the candle.


More gel, more stuff.





Mommy & Kaylee with their finished candles.



Gayle and Cindy pouring their gel.




Micah and Kaylee with their finished candles.


Gayle and Cindy toast their finished 'glasses'.



The archery crew.



Almost all of us.


Dad lines up to take a shot.



These were our targets-hay bales.


Kaylee and Aunt Sharon


Uncle Rick laughing after his string broke twice.



Micah and Zachary



Virlene, Kaylee, Grandpa and Steve


Notching the arrow...


The instructor gives Kaylee some basic instructions.


Steve lets one fly.


Daddy's turn to give pointers.


See where you point the arrow, hold the bow out like this...


So Kaylee notches her arrow.



This takes awhile, so Uncle Christopher goes with the boys.


If you blow this up, you can see the arrow on the right side of the photo on its way.


Kaylee retrieves her first batch of arrows.



This is the Long Walk of Shame (or Glory if you're not me) to pick up your own arrows.


Kaylee's turn again.



She really did very well for her size.



She got several in the target.


Going to get the last batch of arrows.


Done shooting, time to eat!


Sharon, Kevin & Micah K. with Kaylee on the deck of the lodge.


Micah and Kaylee



Looking at all the giant ugly carp in the water waiting to be fed.



This is actually a five-story lodge.  The big windows at top are the dining room where we ate all our meals.



Smiley Jasmine


Aunt Sharon holding Jasmine, Aunt Christy, Gayle



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)