Okay, not flying, but family vacation photos  III
Eminence, MO; Going Tubing down the Current River, July 13, 2006

(These photos are not huge if you want to click on them, and let me say how UNimpressed I am with the overall quality of water-proof camera photos, though at least I got to have some photos, which I couldn't have had otherwise!)


Kaylee picking out her tube.


Grandma & Kaylee getting ready to take the "plunge"


Here she is, getting ready to go!


Kaylee & Daddy, off and 'floating'.


Laura's feet, Steve & Kaylee tied together.  :)


Ernie floating with our cooler full of drinks/food.


There's Grandma!




The scenery, it really was beautiful.


Kaylee's playing with the little minnows...


That turned out cute!  Steve & Kaylee



Playing in the water...


The Stants Family


Laura in the tube...


Mommy floating...


A fuzzy one of Grandma


The whole family.  Laura's knees, Patty on the left, Ernie & Cooler on the right, Steve & Kaylee in the middle up front.


Kaylee took this one of Steve and Laura


And this one too.  :)


What a cutie!


Kaylee also took a picture of me taking a picture of her!


In fact, here it is!


Taking a lunch break!



See how clear the water really is?  She's playing with some of the rocks at the bottom, and maybe some little fish too.


Kaylee took this photo of Steve


Sweet Kaylee-girl!


River scenery...


Steve & Laura


Kaylee paddling to stay out of the trees


Laura paddling to stay in the middle.


Grandma, Grandpa, and the cooler

The Stants Family 3, the last photo of the roll, and the bridge in the background that signaled we all survived our tubing tour!




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