Okay, not flying, but family vacation photos  II

Eminence, Missouri July 12-16, 2006
(These photos are huge if you click on them, be warned!)

Kaylee climbing at Rocky Falls


Daddy & Kaylee at Rocky Falls






Mom & Ernie at Rocky Falls


Again.  :)


Daddy & Kaylee


Steve & Laura, taken by Kaylee


Rocky Falls!



Rocky Falls...


Kaylee passed out after a busy day!


Patty & Ernie at Round Springs right next to a BIG dropoff!


Steve & Kaylee going to the Big Cave



Steve & Kaylee IN the Big Cave.


Dark in here...!



I used a flash to show up the area.



Crossing the bridge back to the car


It's raining!  Everybody stay dry!


The crew


Steve & Kaylee


Cute little posers.  :)



Fog is rolling in from the background


Here it is...


Kind of neat.


Walking in the sprinkles...


And here comes the sun!



Going back to the car


Kaylee in a Kimono.  :)



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)