Okay, not flying, but family vacation photos

Eminence, Missouri July 12-16, 2006
(These photos are huge if you click on them, be warned!)

Kaylee & Grandma chatting


Looking at the river...



Patty checking out the view


Kaylee & Mommy at the Gazebo


Steve & Ernie at the River's Edge Lodge



A back view of the gazebo


The back of the lodge


Kaylee & Grandma swinging...



The original place we were going to use to go tubing.


Kaylee and a scarecrow at the Spring/Mill



Kaylee at the spring/mill


Kaylee & Daddy checking out the water.


Patty & Ernie Chiles



Steve & Kaylee enjoying the view



The gorgeous blue water


Steve & Ernie in front of some of the cliffs



An overall view of the spring/mill


Kaylee under an overhang


Kaylee checks out a "bear cave"


And another!


Mom tries on Steve's glasses



Then it's my turn...


Kaylee looks the best.  ;)


We even had a rainbow...


Grandma & Kaylee by the lights at the lodge


And a blurrier version...


Kaylee's bag was left behind, so she slept in my shirt.



Kaylee & Grandma relaxing in bed.  :)


I need to work on these, edit them.  But they were taken long-distance with a telephoto lens.


Kaylee and another girl fishing and exploring.



What do YOU have?


Kaylee's new outfit and good snacks.  lol



Jack's Fork sign in the Gazebo


Grandma & Kaylee on the deck


Cropped in...




Kaylee took this photo of Steve & I


Love that face...



Climbing was the the "thing" of the trip.  This is the top of some rock pileups by a restaurant.



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