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The Magic Kingdom!  11/24/07

Kaylee with her special invitation ticket to get her photo taken with Cinderella!


Playing with a coat of arms while we wait for our turn.


"Cindy" and Kaylee, talking.  Kaylee hugged her first, but I wasn't fast enough!


The posed portrait with Cinderella and Kaylee.  She was a little speechless.  :)


In the castle, up the winding staircase, holding the magic wand Cinderella's helper gave her.


Looking around the Royal Ballroom for the first time...


I'd say it's a hit.  ;)


Sleeping Beauty came by to say hello too!


And Jasmine!


A hug for Belle


And...Belle.  :)


And even Snow White!  Princess Heaven!


They told all the princesses to wave their wands in the air to create magic...


Place their wands on their Wishing Stars, close their eyes, and say Bippity, Boppity, Boo


And open their eyes, to a lot of twinkling 'magic' in the ceiling.  :)



Kaylee & Mommy on the carousel.



This was Kaylee's first 'real' Disney ride; "It's A Small World."


I enjoy the interest on her face.  :)


And the surprise.


And the "Are you done taking my picture now" look too!



I didn't take photos inside, but this was a good one.  The Haunted Mansion...



Steve and Kaylee watching the Parade of Characters go by the main street!


Hey, look!


You have to be tall to see anything around here!


There's that jaw open again.  ;)


Steve's shoulders are about to give out, but Kaylee is too busy waving to notice.


Yep, she's impressed.  :)



The first coach here is Cinderella and her prince...


Hi Cindy!


A little hidey hole in the line for Pirates of the Caribbean.


Kaylee sees Cinderella's Castle all lit up for night for the first time.


Had to zoom in.  Look at that face.  LOL


And here it is...you have to see that in person to imagine the scale and beauty.


Next we went on an Alien ride. Spoooooky!


This was the one and only thing Kaylee was a little uncertain of, though she didn't admit it of course.  ;)


I was trying to get the girl and the castle, but had the wrong camera for the job.  Oh well, it's still kind of neat.


The wiped-out family at night.  :)



Just before the "Electric Parade" started, all the vendors of glowy things walked by en-masse to leave the road clear for the characters.  They were pretty themselves!




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