Florida, Page II!

Pine Island, Swimming, Monkey Island, Disney, FL  11/22/07

What fun, to let yourself sink in soft sand.


Mommy & Kaylee at Pine Island.


This time it's the hands that are buried...






Steve, Kaylee, Grandma & Grandpa checking out the coating of sand.


Ah, time for a lovely frozen lemonade, complete with umbrella!


There were beautiful flowers and plants around Pine Island.  Kaylee posed for several as you'll see.








Windblown, stuffed up and tired, but me on the beach by the Gulf side.


Playground time!  They had a nice playground on the island too.




Showing off how high she can jump off of the swings.


And off the playhouse.  Reminds me of me.  lol


Little monkey!



This was the little eating place on Pine Island.


And this place had some wonderful appetizers.  We stopped here after Pine Island to restock our food tanks.



This was our view from our outside table.  Some comedian put up a fishing boat and a skeleton of...something!



Steve, Richard, Ann and Kaylee waiting for our food.



Ann pointed out this sign, which I thought was funny.



Steve & Kaylee at the Bayport Inn


Kaylee with a mouth full of Cocktail Shrimp.  She ate the whole appetizer by herself!


Hmm, Mr. Frog has seen better days...


Next we were off to swim!


Kaylee did well even in the deeper end, and the water was as warm as bath water.


The folks here use those laundry detergent bottles to fill with water and use for weights for exercise.  Not a bad idea, really.


This is Kaylee looking at Monkey Island!  We're at the Riverside Crab House, looking at the island with five monkeys.


She thought they were pretty neat.



There are five monkeys who live and play here, for our viewing entertainment while we eat.



Kaylee started off with this 1/2 lb. crab leg dinner.  And then went on to eat another.  *cough*


The Magic Kingdom!



Here we are, entering the park!


Kaylee on the ferry on the way over to the park.



Wow...the streets filled with shops, decorated for Christmas, and Cinderella's Castle the centerpiece in the background.


Steve and Kaylee...


Then some kind stranger took our photo as a family.  :)


One of Kaylee's first views of the Magic Kingdom.


You have to get a picture in front of the castle, right?

Or looking at the castle again...

Or in front of it one more time...



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