Florida, Page I!

Brooksville & Pine Island, FL  11/20/07


A fun little place to eat a really good breakfast. :)




Why did the turtle cross the road?  I don't know, but he didn't like his picture being taken.  Or maybe it was the tall girl in pink next to him that freaked him out.  He was a big boy!



Kaylee and Grandma picking an orange off the orange tree in her front yard, as a nice breakfast treat.


The Community Center has a library, so Kaylee picked up a book to read a few times while she was here.


There was a 1000 piece puzzle at the community center too, and Kaylee found a piece for it.


Awww, hugs.  :)



It was Girl Day!  Kaylee painted Grandma's nails, and Grandma painted Kaylee's nails.



Actually, Kaylee did pretty well!



The ladies have to show the finished product to the fascinated men.  :)


And to us, of course.  :)



Happy Thanksgiving!  Here is (left to right) Grandpa, Grandma, Laura's empty seat, Kaylee with her tiger, Steve, Uncle Hank and Aunt Ruth.



Kaylee took this one, with her tiger holding her seat, so I could get in one too.  This is the dining hall at the community center.  :)


Outside at Aunt Ruth's house.  You know, the leaves fall during the Fall even in Florida when it's 80 degrees.  Huh.

Aunt Ruth & Uncle Hank have a tangerine tree in their back yard.


So Kaylee had to pick a bag of those, too.


The tree "rained" on her, thanks to the morning showers we had.


There's a nice way to go fruit shopping, don't you think?  ;)


Big grin...



Steve on the back porch, with the tangerine tree in the background.


Well of COURSE she's going to eat one right now, even though it's dinner time.



Kaylee and Grandma play Triominoes.



Kaylee & Daddy in shock and awe as they put in the last pieces of the puzzle. ;)


A hi-five after finishing off the puzzle.


Kaylee at Pine Island.


Beautiful girl in a beautiful place.


Steve is waving off all the birds up there, Ann behind him, and Kaylee on the run to catch up.


Isn't that just a pretty little beach?


Kaylee sends the birds a-flutter.  I wonder what she'd do if they flew AT her instead of away!


Look at that face!


More bird-chasing.  Can you tell she got her exercise in today?  ;)



Walking the beach with Daddy.


Kaylee footprints in the sand.  No perspective, but they're cute.  ;)


Looking for shells, jellyfish, clams, or anything else of interest...


And sometimes finding it.


This is life!


See, look!


A frownie face that went with "Mommy, I got my paaaants wet!  I don't liiiike wet pants!"


The cloud of seagulls.



(We found the birds fascinating, can you tell?)


Kaylee with Grandma & Grandpa on Pine Island.


Steve and his dad talk for awhile...


Kaylee is buried up past her ankles in "quicksand".



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)