Holiday World-Page 3

Santa Claus, IN 9/15/07

On the run and having fun.


Next comes Kaylee & Laura on the "Launcher" that takes you 8 stories up and drops you.


And Judy too!



Here we are going up...



Er, whee?


There, you can see our feet per our labeled names above.  ;)



Kaylee's a thumbs-up, I'm a tad wind-blown but also sporting a thumbs-up.



We went on a little "Freedom Train" ride, and I crammed into the kiddie section with Kaylee.  I didn't fit so well, but she did


I'm so annoyed that this is blurry.  What a cute shot.  :)


Steve, Brad, Judy & Hannah on the train.


Maggie & Kaylee in the water fountain area.


Steve, Kaylee & Allie


Hannah wanted more ice cream RIGHT NOW!



She's a cutie.  ;)


Chuck & Judy drive off in the "old-time" cars.


As do Kaylee & Steve


and Maggie & Brad.  I was still recovering from that horrid spinny ride.



Kaylee concentrates as she drives...on rails. 


I do believe Maggie is concentrating too.  ;) 

Chuck & Judy at the end of the ride.


Kaylee & Steve coming in.


Maggie & Brad.


The prayer hands fountain and Holiday World water tank.  You know this park has FREE soft drinks for everyone all day long??


Maggie & Kaylee headed back to the cabin after the park.



Kaylee & Maggie by the fire...


Having (what else?) Mac & Cheese for dinner!



Kaylee & Maggie goofing off with their oranges at breakfast.  ;)


I'm not sure if she's helping or playing, but it was kind of cute.


The ever-cheerful Miss Hannah.  :)




The "Voyager", Kaylee's biggest roller coaster ever.




(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)