Holiday World

Santa Claus, IN 9/15/07

Maggie & Kaylee coming down the hill towards our cabin.



Chuck and Steve setting up breakfast in front of our cabin.



Here's a broader view of the cabin, the fire pit, the woods.  A nice little place.  :)



Kaylee & Maggie playing in the "prospector's sluice" in front of the camp store.



They didn't care about the sifting properties, they just liked playing in the water.  ;)


Like I said...


The girls having fun on a tire swing...


This was a nice little playground area by the camp store.


Steve spins the girls...


Do you think they're having fun?


Maggie & Kaylee at the playground.


The girls sitting in front of the shuttle bus, talking to the bus driver.  He was really nice to the girls.  :)




Here we are at Holiday World!


Cool Kids...


And wow, it's a real Santa!  The girls sat on his lap and talked to him for awhile.  I like this smile on Kaylee's face.  :)



See, that's just sweet.


Talking to Santa...


Yes, the beard is real, too.



There's a Nativity Scene in the middle of the park, which is rather unusual to say the least!



The girls first got in line to go on kid water bumper boats.


And away they go!




Kaylee & Maggie bumping in to each other.







Oh yes, they're having fun.  :)


Last one!


Next the girls hit a ball pit-and had a blast in there for a long time!


This was me capturing Steve and Chuck thrilled to death to be in Kid World at Holiday World.  ;)  Chuck catches me snapping the photo-as usual.  And Happy Birthday to Steve!


Brad puts Hannah in an airplane for her first ride.  :)


Hannah ends up going around quite a few times in a row.  I think she liked it.  ;)


Next Kaylee goes for a ride...


This is the one roller coaster Kaylee and I didn't make it on, but you can't pass up these photo ops, right?!


The girls are in line for a 'rocket' ride...



And back to back the ride...


In the background is the "Legend", Kaylee's (and Maggie's!) First Ever big-girl roller coaster.  :)


Me, Kaylee and Maggie on the "Scrambler".





We hit the swings, too.  In this one, Judy is in the pink shirt, then Kaylee's behind her in the yellow dress, and Maggie's behind her in the blue shorts and pink shirt.  :)



There's a closer view.


I do believe Miss Judy is having fun.  :)


So's Maggie.  :)


Here they go round again.





(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)