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Santa Claus, IN 9/15/07


One farther out so you can get some perspective on height,


And one closer up so you can see the people.  :)



Still going--I'd be sick by now!  I don't get along well with spinny things (on the ground anyway).


I just like watching them spin.  ;)


Kaylee & Maggie


Still smiling.


Kaylee is now, er, tall enough to ride on the 48" roller coasters and rides that dominate the park.


In fact, here we are going on her first ever grown-up roller coaster, a big Thumbs-Up!


Afterwards she came off smiling, waving, happy, and saying repeatedly "That Was AWESOME!!"



Maggie and Judy going down the Log Ride.


One more photo op that can't be passed by. ;)



Kaylee & Daddy walking through the park.


Chuck & Maggie getting in to do the adult bumper boats.


Hey, Chuck is bumping into me and Kaylee!


Yes, okay, so Laura and Kaylee were bumping him back...



A time or two.


Or three.



Kaylee & Mommy having fun.


Or four. ;)


Daddy & Kaylee do Bumper Cars now.


Chuck strapped in and ready to go.


Kaylee starts off driving.


Brad & Maggie on the go as well.


Kaylee & Steve


Chuck looks suspiciously like he's after somebody.


This is blurry but I still love the look on their faces.  :)


Well, maybe this is better.  lol



Brad & Maggie in "5" there hit Kaylee & Steve.



And the Chase Is On.


Now I'd say Steve is after somebody.




(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)