Kokomo Wings & Wheels I

Kokomo Municipal Airport (OKK); July 4th, 2009. Photos by Steph (except first three, by me)


Early morning pancake breakfast in full swing. (Kaylee on far right.) And the line kept going for awhile.


Kaylee in her American Flag shirt for the 4th of July, all painted up.



Some of the cars that were parked for the show.


Greg in the Chipmonk


Greg with Smoke On


Bob in the Pitts



Making some smoke


Gabe under an umbrella with Daddy



Watching the show





J-3 Cub and the Model-T car in a race.



Go Cub!  :)


Air Boss Steve in the rain.  :)



And the Cub loses!



Dave in the T-34


Dave R. in the T-34


Dan S. in the Corsair


Me in the T-6


Nathan in the Mustang


Another shot of Dave

The aerobatic planes lined up.


Dave waving at the crowd


Me waving at the crowd




Me walking up to Nathan and Dave, unfortunately wearing a purse.


Me & Gabe in front of the T-6



A bit further back because Steph wanted my crazy shoes.


Kokomo Tribune photo of Greg down low, smoke on, with a view of the umbrellas and rain.  :) 




(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)