Friday, July 3rd

Photos by Laura, Steph & Justin

Gabe & Dulcie on the Deck of Debauchery.


Well now, that's attractive!


Mr. Gabe is fascinated by our digital photo frame.  :)



Watching Kaylee play her DS for a little while



He scoots a little closer...


And finally moves in.  :)


Riding bikes



Whoa, cool kid.


Gabe makes that Cheyenne look huge. :)


That was just cute...



Kaylee as Golf Cart Driver extraordinaire!



A nice shot of the Mustang



Getting ready to do the hot rod/dragster vs. T-6 run.


Jonathan's giving me nefarious ideas.


Chuck and I getting ready to go.


Taxiing out...


More helmet hair...


The dragster...not sure if it was waiting for me here, or starting his burnout, or what.


Here's a closer view.  All engine.


We're shut down and getting out.


Yeah, that was fun.  ;)


The first of our VIP rides getting buckled in.


Kaylee with her cardboard airplane, T-6 in the background.




Part of the Golf Cart Brigade


The live band that came and played for all of us out at the airport.  The night shot was better when they had all their stage lights up, but of course I didn't take a picture then.


Some of the cars parked down the grass as the sun went down.


The Dragster parked


Jim, Chuck & Laura


Coming down for a pass


Laura & Chuck going by


Mark in the dragster on the runway


Me coming around, the flagman watching, arm up, the dragster waiting.


Flagman's arm down, I'm coming down, and away we go.  (Nice shot, Justin.)


p.s. I did a quick PhotoShop job on the background to get rid of the buildings...


The Dragster at the end.



Kids on the gravel pile...end of the day.






(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)