Warbird Weekend II

Friends...November 1-2, 2008

Me as "helmet holder-upper" while Jim buckles in.


Ty in the back, Jim up front, Nathan and Steve joining me for a goober pose.


Thumbs-up from Ty


And Jim, too.


And they're off!


Nathan, Steve & Chuck on the tug, watching the Mustang go by.


Chuck and the Mustang



Parking the crew



Ty and Jim exiting the Mustang



I think these are self-explanatory.  :)










Jamie, Gwenie and Kaylee walking in at sunset...


Chuck flying the T-6


Jamie, Gwenie, Steve & Kaylee moving the T-6



So what will kids play with if they have a hangar full of stuff?


Dirt, of course!


Dirt and one giant rock pile...the biggest attractions.  ;)

Chuck and Jim going for a ride in the Mustang




A series of Kaylee photos


In various expressions


because I was bored


and because I think she's cute.


I don't know what she was saying here, but probably "stop it!"


Visitors at the hangar watching the Mustang fire up


I took this too late-it was a perfect shadow of the P-51 until we moved.


Me in the back of the Mustang...


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)