Warbird Weekend

Friends...November 1-2, 2008

Nathan in the back of his own Mustang


Nathan and Jim going over the Mustang cockpit.




We had quite the entourage of vehicles out there today-you can't even see them all here.


Jim and Nathan by the T-6



Just the Mustang...



Chuck.  :)


Chuck & Nathan by the Mustang


Nathan in the back, Jim in the front.




And they're off...


Fall leaves, view from the back of the T-6 today.


My red helmet, the checkertail of the T-6


More Fall colors.


Glenndale's runway with a Cub on final for 36.


The Cub without a radio on that Nathan fortunately saw prior to scaring the snot out of him.  ;)


Jim Zazas in the Mustang



Off our right wing.



Ty in Kaylee's Princess helmet (backwards might I add) in the hero pose by the Mustang.  ;)


Not a huge price to pay, is it?  ;)



Chuck and Ty walking to get settled in the Mustang



Ty climbing in...





Chuck helping Ty get strapped in.


I think Chuck's helmet suits Ty. :)


Ty in the Mustang



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)