Indy Air Show 2007-Page III

Mt. Comfort, IN;  8/24/07 - 8/26/07

Kaylee & Jamie wait for their turn to do the jump things.


Jamie's first




Then it's Kaylee's turn.  Should it be concerning that the kids like to do things that require safety harnesses?


There goes Kaylee hopping around.





Going over for a flip-something she couldn't do last year!






Caught you going over!


Pull up, pull up!



They look like grasshoppers or some form of giant insect, all strapped up and jumping around like crazy.  :)



Today the crowd was huge.


They are approximating 60,000 attendees this year.


Which may not be big by Oshkosh or Sun-n-Fun standards, but it's pretty big for Mt. Comfort, Indiana.


The crew hanging around the Mustang before the next days' show.


Kaylee & Jamie resting under the Mustang wing.



More chatting.



This is the Wing Walker.  I have lots of photos of her because Kaylee & Jamie liked her best.



Now there's a job I wouldn't care to have.



Think of the bugs in your teeth.


Or what the wind would do to my hair.


They fly at 155 mph.


But it's a neat job and somebody has to do it...


Just not me.  I'd look lousy in the Wonder Woman outfit she had on...


Nathan's getting ready for show time.


Kaylee & Jamie in the cart.


This was a race between the airplane and a jet-powered car.  I couldn't see who won, but at the end there it was a little exciting.  Seriously.


I thought somebody blew up.  They didn't, luckily!


Signing autographs for his fan, Steve.  ;)


Actually I did not turn this photo the wrong way.  This is the Red Bull helicopter actually going upside down.  That's nuts.


Kaylee's watching the show from right up by the flight line.



Steve & Kaylee-we were up by the war bird tent right on the flight line, and had an excellent view.



Yes, he's still really sideways.  Nuts I say.


A shot of the crowd.  The red & blue chairs are set aside for the pilots and air crew, and it's fenced off from the masses standing and watching.


Behind Steve & Kaylee are the taxiways and runways.  What a view!


The warbirds fire up and head out to do their show.




are away.


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)