Indy Air Show 2007-Page I

Mt. Comfort, IN;  8/24/07 - 8/26/07

Here we are, first shot of the trip.  I got these giant lollipops for the kids, and really that was probably the best $2 I've spent in awhile.



Steve sitting in the camp site.  It was too windy to put out all the chairs and awnings yet, but you've got Nathan's bus on the right, Charlie & Dawn's rig on the left, and Chuck & Judy's just behind Nathan.



If Steve (or Chuck) had a different hat, they'd have been twins.  :)



Buds.  :)



Isn't that sweet??  (That's the wristband to get into the warbird/performer food tent.  Why they made it all white paper, well, you've got me.)


Jamie & Kaylee



What better place to hang out than under the wings of war birds?



The Mustang sitting pretty.


Kaylee & Jamie watching the air show.


Scott & Susan Post, Indy Air Show volunteers today.


Kaylee & Jamie



The pilots are all sitting in the planes ready to fire up on command.


All down the line, ready to go.


I just liked the view.  ;)


Kaylee and Jamie watching the big boy fire up.


This is just a shot of some of the crowd.


Nathan's first strafing pass.


With Kaylee & Jamie watching, of course.





A quick time-out.  I can see her freckles growing today too!



This photo means very little.  In the blown-up version, you can tell all the engines are running except the the inboard engine on the right side.  This guy had to come in and land with the dreaded three-engine approach; lost one at some point.


Nathan's pass.


With the crowd below


I got closer ones later, but I thought it was neat to see the smoke and the people too.




Do you know how many people think these planes are really dropping bombs?  You don't want to know.



One more Mustang pass.


This is the "Wall of Fire", done at the end of the Warbird show by the bombers.


Very hot, very loud, very large, and very neat.


At least for pyros like me.


And poof, it's gone...


This was the four-helicopter Army formation team.  These guys were amazing.


Chuck sneaks the opportunity to give Nathan some love without Nathan knowing it's being caught on film.  ;)


The helicopters get going.  It's not a good day for aerial photography, but you get the general idea anyway.


Check these guys out...


The Mustang is done for the day, back and parked.


Charlie Brier, Ty Lingo and Justin Gould help set up our awnings for the evening meal.


The crew setting up under Chuck's awning to watch the Blue Angels show.


Dawn Brier on far left, Ty Lingo, Chuck Rider, Nathan Davis, Steve Stants, Justin Gould.
"Hey Everybody, Look at That!"  Notice everybody but Ty got the idea.  That's Ty for you...he's a little slow sometimes.  ;)



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)