Indianapolis Air Show

May 13-15, 2011
Mt. Comfort (excuse me, Indianapolis Regional) Airport


Duane, Nathan and Tim


The four T-6s going by



Overhead break to landing


Nice. :)



Kaylee at the air show line



Steve & Chuck at the kid area waiting patiently


Kaylee & Steve in line for her to jump








Judy B's hangar she so graciously let us bum around in. :)


Attractive, very attractive!



Kaylee playing with the rain.


Playing in the rain by the hangar


Sunday morning, leaving the hotel


This is what we saw pulling up to the airport--Fat Albert and a lot of clouds


This looks like last year. ;)


And yet the people came...


The warbird eating tent. This year they put cardboard down instead of straw. Much better!



And people still came...and watched airplanes start up.



A few hearty souls in the wet grass with umbrellas



Kaylee and a crowd


Wet wings...



View from the T-6



Stants Three Umbrella Land. ;)





Jon & Steve


Jon protecting the Six. ;)

And Kaylee protecting Zak


Chuck, Nathan & Laura under the wing on Sunny Saturday.
(Photo by Steve Tummers)


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 7/13/11)