Indianapolis Air Show

May 13-15, 2011
Mt. Comfort (excuse me, Indianapolis Regional) Airport

At Metro someone comes in to land as Duane in Lead, Trey in #2, Nathan (me backseating) as #3, and Tim G as #4 run up.


Duane & Trey lined up for takeoff.


One, two, three...


and four.


Lead in the sun.


Moving into trail


Hello, Mt. Comfort. That big white strip to the left of the runway is the 1500' air show marker for the Blue Angels.


Kaylee hanging out on the T-6


Hot air balloons over warbirds...


I don't remember what she stole but I know she stole something...




Joe's Crab Shack.  Yum.


Kaylee avoiding a June Bug swarm. ;)


Men fixing a golf cart. ;)


I sneaked a brief photo of the air show briefing. The man up front is Ralph R., also known as Air Boss, who has been doing this for a very long time and is very, very good at what he does.


Who is that little person up on the T-6?


Why yes, that IS Kaylee cleaning the windshield for Duane.


As he said, "Shameless Facebook Photo Op." ;)



Motley Crew ;)



Self-portrait. ;)


This is how we roll...


Trey prepping for his first air show flight


More Motley Crews--and their lovely ladies. :)


Nathan watching the show from the best seat in the house.


Chuck watching the jet go by...


Zak & Steve C.



Chuck gives it the thumbs-up.



Time to get the Flightsuit on.


Kaylee and Smokey the Bear. A good combination. ;)


Steve & Trey, before the warbirds show starts.


First time T-6 Air Show Pilot. ;)


Some of the crowd on Saturday


The best-dressed person I saw going into a plastic port-o-pot all day.


Duane & Tim do an element takeoff in T-6s at the show.


Crowd below, and in the bigger picture you can see the three-ship consisting of Duane as lead, Tim as #2 and Nathan as #3, with Trey in trail as #4.


A few photos of them going by...


Nice job, guys!



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 7/13/11)