Indian Hills II

May 6, 2011



Slipping down to a landing.



Again, coming up on the line.


M, H & Kaylee on the runway.


Girls getting crazy


Girls Gone Crazy.


Hangar bums


Hangar bums and planes.


Ty handpropping


Oomph! (Photo by J. Gould)


I took Kaylee flying in the Citabria for awhile...


Thumbs-up first


Kaylee singing while she flies for awhile.



Indian Hills from the air.


Planes and cars and hangar, oh my.


I'm taking Steve over to Kokomo...(next two photos by J. Gould)


Taking off...


I got back out of Kokomo just in time to miss this little rain dump.


It was pretty, but I could have done without the lightning. ;)


The edge of the rain--it was clear everywhere else in sight.


Airplane inbound for landing. (next four photos by J. Gould)


Chuck inspecting the Citabria after I brought it back. :O


Hanging out


I'm showing Nathan a video of the bomb drop...


The kids play in the pre-dropped flour bombs.


Just playing outside, having fun with friends.


Running around with a little weather off in the other direction, enjoying some play time.


M & Kay


Ty and his Chief


What else to entertain the kids?  Ice and water, of course!


Sam & Chuck


The three barefoot bandits


And Kick and Splash and....


Tucking the hangar away at night...


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)