Indian Hills

May 6, 2011

Luscombe on the hill...


Indian Hills hangar; Jim Hartlidge's place.


Kaylee with her buddy Sadie the dog.


Kaylee, Sadie, Luscombe.


Three taildraggers back-taxi Runway 27, on the first bomb-drop run of the day.


Judges to the right, ready to measure distance on the bomb drops.







Inbound for landing Runway 9




The Chief goes over



The judges watch the airplane head off for the next round.






Kaylee in Ty's Chief


Kaylee and Ty go off on a bomb drop run.


Airplanes coming in to land for the bomb drop. (next six photos by AE Purcifull)


Steve and I coming over the trees in the Citabria, with his arm out the window with a flour bomb, ready for our drop.  We came in 2nd place. :)


Nice line-up.


Stinsons and Champs and Chiefs and Luscombs, oh my!



Landing on Runway 9...

Jerry & John


Four little taildraggers all in a row.



Spot landing contests are next...



Missed it!


This was actually a take-off, but I told them I'd pretend it was a landing and they nailed the spot perfectly. ;)

The judges rush to measure a landing distance before the next plane lands on them.

Speaking of the next plane, here it is coming up on the line


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)